New firework abstract Photos

A few nights ago I went out with 2 other Photographers to capture some night skyline shots of Philadelphia from the Camden side. As I was wondering the grounds I met a woman Named Pat who was at first Yelling at me for crossing the “caution” tape that was blocking a nice area of where I wanted to position myself for a shot of the Ben Franklin Bridge….
I was polite and said i was sorry and proceeded to walk away …. then a voice (Pats husband) said “Hey ! Its Ok , you can come over… 🙂   i quickly Jumped the tape and was invited to the firing spot of a fireworks display that was was about to be set off within the hour! (SCORE!)  Pat and her husband gave me a whole crash course on the way fireworks were bought and made and set off and told us that we could stand up close and personal for the display!  Here are some pics of the Night 🙂 (Shot using a long exposure Bulb photography technique ,Hand held)


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