Sun kissed city


Sun kissed city

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All that matters

With every passing day,hour,minute…. I learn more and more about what this journey is all about….
Life…. with its many twists and turns sometimes can be a rollercoaster…. sometimes your way up there …. sometimes your sitting at the gate waiting for the fun to begin…. sometimes it just makes you sick…. but all in all its a ride 🙂 a ride that we never forget…
Sometimes we are just moving too fast in our own directions that we lose sight of just where we are going …. and why….
With every passing day,hour,and minute I learn so much more about this journey… and that TRUTH to ones self and the love we share is…. ALL THAT MATTERS 🙂

The Fight

To enure all that life throws at us is an art in itself…
To go the distance with ones head still held high….
Focus, guts,love,determination,and a one track mind where the word “NO” is NEVER uttered is what it takes….
And when the punches roll in we take em with pride, for with every punch we learn how to dodge the next a little better…
while we move one step closer…. to winning…” The fight”.